Labs from IaC Workshop: Working with Azure Private Links

Evgeny Borzenin · June 27, 2023


Last month I held Working with Azure Private Links workshop under my Infrastructure as Code user group.

This time we looked at different aspects aspects of working with Azure Private Links and you will learn:

  • What is Azure Private Link
  • What is Azure Private Endpoint
  • How Azure Private Link, Azure Private Endpoint, and Azure Private Link service work together to create private connections to Azure resources
  • When to use Azure Private Link
  • How to configure DNS settings for private endpoints
  • How to implement Private Endpoint DNS Resolution with Azure DNS Private Resolver
  • How to implement Azure VPN Gateway with P2S VPN connection to mimic on-prem to Azure connectivity

and many many more…

As always, labs are available and you are welcome to work with them.

Here is IaC workshops road-map for 2023:

  • Working with Azure Network Watcher (August)
  • Working with Azure Policies (September)
  • Azure Landing Zones 101 (October)

Don’t miss any upcoming workshops and join my Infrastructure as Code user group!

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and Azure Kubernetes Services:

With that - thanks for reading!



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