Labs from IaC Workshop #2: Implement immutable infrastructure on Azure with ARM templates

Evgeny Borzenin · June 1, 2020


Last week I hosted my second on-line hands-on workshop under my Infrastructure as Code user group at the series of 6 workshops I am planning to host in 2020.

This time it was about immutable infrastructure on Azure and how to implement it with ARM templates. 10 labs, 20 awesome participants, 4 hours of pure hands-on work.

If you want to learn some basics about how to work with ARM templates, try to work with 11 labs from workshop #1.

If you want to practice your ARM template knowledge, try to implement immutable infrastructure on Azure using 10 labs from workshop #2.

You can also check out my previous Infrastructure As Code workshops:

and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) workshops:

If you have any issues/comments/suggestions related to the labs, you can reach out to me at

With that - thanks for reading!