Labs from IaC Workshop #1: How to live in harmony with ARM templates

Evgeny Borzenin · April 22, 2020

This week I hosted my first ever on-line hands-on workshop under my Infrastructure as Code user group. It was 12 participants, 4 hours of pure hands-on, awesome participants and a lot of ARM templates.

As part of the preparation for the workshop, I spend quite a lot of time structuring and working with the content of the labs. The goal was that each lab is well documented, self-explained and contains all information needed to complete it, including useful and relative links. This way I tried to minimize the amount of potential questions during the workshop. And it looks like it worked really well. There were almost no questions related to the lab itself. People understood what they expected to do.

So, if you want to learn some basics about how to work with ARM templates, how to use ARM Tools plugin for VS Code, how to use variables and parameters and finally how to use parameters file for multiple environments, try to work with these 11 labs.

Here is the list of prerequisites you need to have before you start.

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If you have any issues/comments/suggestions related to the labs, you can reach out to me at

With that - thanks for reading!